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Updated by Richard on Wednesday 13th June 2012 at 05:07 PM

There are now over 650 pages on, so finding your way around can be tricky. The site has a few navigational aids to help:
  • If you're happy to just turn the pages like a book, use the 'Prev Page' and 'Next Page' buttons below the page details. If you're feeling lucky, click the '?' button in the middle.

  • There are buttons on the 'GalleryView' to move backwards and forwards through the photos on a page, and to play/pause a slideshow. The 'widget' on the left can be used to show/hide the captions.

  • The right-hand navigation panel includes a number of options for the page you're on - you can drill down, backtrack and even jump sideways.

  • Follow the link to the complete Site Map at the bottom of each page. The Site Map can also be shown as a Timeline.

  • For 'geographic' pages, the panel provides a link to our On the Map page.

  • The panel also includes a summary of recent updates to the site (if any), as well as a link to the What's New page.

  • You'll find introductions and links to the pages 'below' the current page, on the Next Pages tab at the bottom.

  • Most of the pages - not just our Guestbook page - allow you to add your own feedback. Look for the Comments tab at the bottom.

  • And finally, the 'breadcrumbs' (think Hansel & Gretel) above the page title can help you to retrace your steps.

Good luck!

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