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Year Me Out (May 2007)  
Posted by Laura on Tuesday 1st May 2007 at 11:08 PM

Year Me Out for May...

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  Blog Entries  [31]   Comments  

#31: 31/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Thursday 31st May 2007 at 11:33 PM

Last day of May. 5 months in already. where has the time gone? I had a very lazy day today I can tell you. I did very little and it was nice just to rest and take time out. The weather was a bit better today but it was showery and cool and I didn't have the energy or inclination to do any gardening. Mark and Adam both went out for a bit with friends. I read the paper and did a couple of the Sidokus for a change but other wise I did nothing and the day seemed to flash past.

#30: 30/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Thursday 31st May 2007 at 12:24 AM

Wednesday. Entry 150. Has it really been this long? I had a day off today which was very nice although the weather was atrocious. I had to have the heating on today it was so cold and very vert wet. still not opportunity to get out in the garden.

On The Apprentice tonight it was Naomi who went out. Unbelievable. They were all so terrible doing their shopping channel thing. I thought on his performance that Simon should have gone but amazingly no. Naoimi got the chop. There are just 5 left now and next week it is interview time and 5 become 2. Can't wait.

#29: 29/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Wednesday 30th May 2007 at 11:59 AM

Tuesday. It is Half Term this week - the old Whitsun break no less but I had to go in to work for one day today just to get the reporting done - I am off for the rest of the week. Of course it was fine and sunny today - a little cool though. I had lots to cram in to my day and barely came up for air. I didn't leave until quarter to 6 or so and only just remembered to put my out of office on. Nice to have a break though. Let's hope the weather improves as I am desparate to get the gardening done if I can.

#28: 28/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Wednesday 30th May 2007 at 11:54 AM

Monday. Bank Holiday Monday to be precise and a total washout. All the bad weather promised for the weekend decided to happen today. I didn't even leave the house. My garden centre plants stand unplanted in their pots. I just hope I get a chance to attend to them later in the week. Miserable, miserable day. Cold, windy, very wet whay happend to summer? What happened to global warming. We coudl do with a little right now.

Most exciting thing about today was that we have booked an escape fro early July. Mark and Adam will both be away on separate school trips in Newquay and Paris respectively so Richard and I are going to Rome! I'm very excited. We are flying out very early on Tuesday morning and will be flying home again late on Thursday night so it is a midweek city tour arranged courtesy of Ryanair (£50 return a piece including all taxes) and Expedia surely the best travel website in the world. £300 for the hotel in central Rome - its 4 star - I don't believe in slumming it. something to look forward to anyway.

#27: 27/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Monday 28th May 2007 at 02:27 PM

Sunday. The weather wasn’t very good today. Typical Bank Holiday weather as we would say although not as bad as the forecasters had been predicting. It was showery and drizzly but not as cold as I had feared and certainly not windy and blustery as promised.

We went to Chelsfield today, via Maidstone where we had lunch with Yvonne and then we took her and the dog – much to may annoyance because we hadn’t been asked if it was alright for us – in the car over to Kevin and Cynthia Nimmo’s. From there went to their neighbour’s house, 6 doors down (and three doors away from our Friend Peter and Julie’s) to see his garden which has been turned into a railway paradise. As it was wet they didn’t have as many trains as originally planned but even so it was a very impressive garden with lots of surprises. There was a cave dug down into the chalk and there was one trai9n that you could sit on and go for rides – which Mark did but the rest of the garden had several other tracks and circuits and the plants ans shrubs and flowers were pretty too.

We then had a tour around Kevin’s garden and Kouchi managed to fall in the pond and get himself completely soaked. Kevin’s garden was amazing – it is nearly an acre in size and contains some woodland and you could get lost in it. They have foxes and all sorts and the planting and layout that Cynthia has done is incredible. We were very impressed. We had a lovely afternoon tea before finally going home after we managed to prize Adam and Mark away from the piano.

#26: 26/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Monday 28th May 2007 at 02:26 PM

Lazy Saturday. Did the washing but had to hang it up inside because it was a bit overcast and gloomy, rain shower loomy today. Spent the afternoon at the garden centre choosing new plants for the back garden and picking out some hanging baskets for the front. We went to Longacres. It is my favourite garden centre in all the world. It has absolutely everything and more besides so we came back with new plants and herbs and compost amd peri peri ketchup, marmalade, blueberry preserve and cat toy and collar for Hazy. It is also fun looking round at everything and getting ideas – they also have the most beautiful cut flowers.

My Saturday night just now is devoted to “Any Dream Will Do”. I want Lee to win – he is my favourite but I also like Lewis. This week Craig went out sadly – he was in the last two with Ben. Ben should go soon he is too arrogant and Keith has to go because he is too smiley but goofy smiley as opposed to happy smiley and frankly can’t act. I want the final to be Lee and Lewis. I would pay to go and see either of them in the role but not the other two. Lee is fantastic – he is a star and there is something very special about Lewis too. He is a nice guy, a good guy – no arrogance and I like that. It is the semi final next week and I think he last week that Andrew Lloyd Webber can put the boot in. Very exciting indeed.

#25: 25/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Friday 25th May 2007 at 11:12 PM

Friday. Yes. The start of the Bank Holiday weekend now. Weather predicted is not great but it was OK today.

I'm going to have to mention it again as I had another Ocado delivery tonight and is it just me or is it always the case that youinever get the same Ocado delivery man twice because I never have.Either they have an infinite number of workers or the highest staff turnover rate in the land or there is some kind of black hole round Woking because I have seriously had a different delivery man or woman every time my order comes. It really is most peculiar. Answers on a postcard or add a comment, someone, anyone please....

#24: 24/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Friday 25th May 2007 at 11:06 PM

Thursday. It was really hot weatherwise. I spent the day in Redhill. It was OK. Watched Hustle on TV tonight. End of.

#23: 23/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Wednesday 23rd May 2007 at 11:24 PM

The Apprentice night. Brilliant as ever. Jadine went out tonight. She lost it totally - showed too much weakness having gone all emotional and didn't put up a fight at all in the boardroom. Tre kept his place and Katie escaped certain annihilation by being Project Manage rof the winning team for once. Only 6 left now it is getting tighter and tighter. Christina is my favourite but I am still liking Simon and dare I say Tre.

It was hot today. Adam went off on his Geography field trip to Barton on sea. Bringing back memories of my away day to Lyme Park all those years ago - must have been in the summer of 79 - crikey 28 years ago. A life time almost. We studied the source of a river. Adam is doing soem coastal studies work. He said it was a bit boring. I said it's Geography how could it be boring. He swhoudl trying stuffing envelopes, now that is boring!!

#22: 22/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 at 11:44 PM

Caught some of the Chelsea Flower Show coverage on TV again today. Don't knwo what happened to the Dr Who Garden - can't find it on the BBC website at all. Maybe it didn't get anything. Certainly wasn't Best in Show - that honour went to a Life on Mars type garden which took 8 years to research apparently. Have people got nothing better to do with their time? It's nice but I do think some of these garden designers take their art far too seriously. Life and too and short and all that.

#21: 21/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Monday 21st May 2007 at 10:52 PM

Terrible news today. The Cutty Sark has gone up in flames. The ship was being restored and lucikly hal;f of it was away but evenso the hull was completely gutted by flames. The fire may have bne started deliberately. It was a shocking site to see on the news tonight. Hoepfully it will be able to be restored to its former glory. Very sad indeed.

I caught some of Eastenders again tonight and all was well. Peter was absolutley fine - thank goodness - I was really upset by what I saw on Friday I was sure he was a goner but fortunately it would seem not. I feel a bit annoyed nowf or having been made to suffer as I was over the weekend by the Producers.

Best thing about today is that its The Chelsea Flower Show all week on TV which I absolutely love. However I was a bit disappointed by the quality fo some of the gardesn I saw on tonights show. The Dr who garden looks absolutely rubbish - I will eat my hat if it gets a gold medal - I wouldn't give it any medal at all. Dire it was quite dire. Everything looks a bit bland and chic this year and if I see another bearded Iris I will scream. I like gardens that look pretty and flowers that look like they have been planted with care. The scattered meadow look is so yesterday. I prefered last year already.

#20: 20/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Sunday 20th May 2007 at 11:18 PM

Have you ever tried to write a blog when you have a kitten walking all over your keyboard. It is not an easy task I can tell you and now he is trying to go for each word as it appears on the screen - has quite interupted my train of thought.

It was a lovely day today weather wise. A great day for drying washing and ot was also Mark's last foorball match of the season. Which he won 5-2 and he scored 2 goals, takign his season's total to 11. He was very chuffed. Thi sevening we went to Adam's teams presentation evening back at Pine Ridge for bowling and the awards ceremony. Adam received a long service award along with Jon Stilwell and Rob Newman as they have all been there a long time - Adma and Jon sicne under sevens days and Rob since under nines - the three stalwarts of the team really. A great evening alothough I ma regrettign the white wine spritzers that I had because I am suffering a bit of a headache now. Bedtime beckons. Another week to begin.

#19: 19/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Saturday 19th May 2007 at 11:28 PM

Blue is the colour! Chelsea won the FA cup this afternoon. Thank goodness. Beat Man U. Ours was a happy house tonight. The new Wembley stadium was fantastic - a shame the same can't be said about the game itself. Chelsea's winning goal was scored in the second stage of extra time. At one point it looked like it might have to go to penalties but fortunately Drogba came through.

Weather was blustery today - a good day to get the washing dried. It was cloudy and as I was hanging up the dark wash, I was convinced that it was going to rain but it did not oblige. We watched Any Dream Will do tonight and I couldn't believe it but Daniel - one of the stronger ones - went out tonight. My money is currently with Lee who did a storming version of Paint it Black tonight. I look forward to next week now only 5 left. Won't be long now until they get to the final.

#18: 18/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Friday 18th May 2007 at 11:39 PM

I caught EastEnders tonight and it was so sad that it made me cry. I was really upset by it. It looks like Peter Beale has drowned and it was horrific , traumatic, absolutely dreadful. It was too harrowing to be entertainment. I can't bear it. At least Ugly Betty was shear escape. And Jonathan Ross - well it was quite a show. There was this truly awful woman on it called Janice Dickinson. It was too much. I feel quite exhausted after the evening I just had. Crashed out in front of the TV.

#17: 17/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Thursday 17th May 2007 at 11:41 PM

On this day 34 years ago I moved from Canada to Scotland and on this day 30 years ago I moved from Scotland to Manchester. A significant date. I always remember the Hotel we stayed in in Kirkaldy on our first night in Scotland. The Hotel Birksgate. Looking out of the window that first morning at all the people at the bus stop and thinking how strange it all seemed. We’d spent the night before in the Holiday Inn in Central Ottawa in a big hotel room with 2 double beds and all matching covers in dark blue and the place we were staying in Scotland was like someone’s house with fading candlewick bedspreads and a musty smell. It felt like being in a timewarp even then.

Good bye maple syrup and hello fried bread. And everyone talked really funny. They were friendly though until I got to Pitcheucar Primary School which I hated. The children were horrible and unfriendly it was the worst school term of my life. I can only have been there for a couple of months at the most and it was the most intolerable 2 months of my life. I remember having school sickness - being physically ill at the thought of having to endure another day in that classroom with those awful girls. I was so lost and so unhappy. At least things picked up when I went to Tanshall Primary.

The thing I remember most about Manchester was the noise. It was so much busier in the city than in quiet Carnoustie Gardens in Glenrothes where we came from. Car horns blaring and buses and constant traffic noise. Vibrant and pacy as though something was going to happen at any minute. Something edgy, something exciting. I remember Robert aged just 18 drove us all there and we met Daddy at the hotel which was near Didsbury in Manchester. We were going to be moving to a house in Bramhall and it was a very exciting time except that I really hadn’t wanted to leave at all. Ahh memories…

Well Adam got through his exam today. I asked him to call me when he got home from school but he didn’t. He said it was quite hard. I hope that he did enough.

Gordon Brown has been made Prime Minister elect today. No one challenged him for the leadership of the Labour party. In 40 days time he will be the next Prime Minister of the UK. Or will he? I just don’t feel it in my bones at all. I foresee some terrible event which means it will never happen. Heart attack. Car bomb. Gunshot. I think he is very vulnerable right now. I hope he has the right protection.

#16: 16/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Wednesday 16th May 2007 at 11:37 PM

Well The Apprentice is hoting up. The G girl went out tonight Ghazal. She was rubbish. Still hate Katie. Am liking Simon and Christina and Naomi isn't so bad either. It is all good fun. There is a rumour on the net that Sir Alan picks his final 2 and then one of them resigns and walks away leaving Sir Alan to back track and revisit someone that he already rejected. So we will have to see what happens there. It might just be a spoiler to stimulate interest but you never know.

Adam was sent home ill from school this afternoon. He collapsed sick after PE. I was really worried. Richard who was working from home picked him up. When I got back from school it transpired that Adam had run 400m, 800m and 2 100m relay sprints - all a bit much. He was fine tonight however and tomorrow has his first GCSE exam. 8.15am start - poor thing. I hope he will be OK. Love him.

Mark had a football match tonight over at Cobham. The Avalanche went down 2 nil sadly. The re-match is on Saturday and then the final match is on Sunday. It's all a bit too much at once if you ask me. Can't wait for the season to end and to have our weekends back. We can do a boot fair!!

#15: 15/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at 10:59 PM

Tuesday. Adam's first GCSE exam creeps ever closer. Am I the only one who is nervous and apprehensivw about this major milestone. It may only be RE but whatever it feels like another nail in the coffin of his childhood. It is fast slipping away.

Tonight he announced that the Year 11's leave school this week and I told him that means you only have one more year of school. It doesn't seem possible. Then it will be college and university and beyond. Where has the time gone?

Adam did at least attend the revision classes the school has put on and he has also bought the revision booklet. How much revision he has actually done however I am not actually sure. Probably best I don't know. I'd only worry more.

Mark got his St John's Geography project back marked today. He got a 7b for it which was a great achievement. He was pleased. I think he wanted a 7a but no one in the class got that. There were 3 7b's so he is doing well. That is Year 9 standard pretty much so not bad going at all.

#14: 14/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at 10:48 PM

Monday. Busy day as ever. I feel as though I have spent most of the last week immersed in an excel spreadsheet. It seems never ending sometimes. I come home boss eyed.

Best thing about today is that I did go to my writing group. I drove myself there and it was a good class. John was tutor and the theme was writing something optimistic and so I did, about the Olympics coming to London in 2012. It will be good.

#13: 13/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Sunday 13th May 2007 at 11:07 PM

Sunday. Day of much needed rest. Grotty day weatherwise. We are getting April's showers this month. Apparently the sun isn't going to come out again until June. Good for the garden though.

Still no leaves on the acer. Apparently it was probably the dry summer last year followed by the wt winter that we just had that has doen for the acer. These would not have been good conditions. It still looks like it might bud. Could it be a dormant year or something?

I didn't do much today except cook a recipe for chicken in cider with mushrooms and creme fraishe fromout of today's You magazine. Worked well. Feel quite tired now after yesterday's late night. Hope I sleep better tonight - I got woken up at 4.36am by Hazy spilling a mug of water all over my face and pillow. He is going to be locked away tonight I can tell you!!

#12: 12/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Sunday 13th May 2007 at 02:26 PM

Saturday. What a brilliant day. We had a family party at the Compleat Angler in Marlow and it was fantastic fun, courtesy of Richard's cousins Caroline, Alec and Sebastian.

A bit of a trauma before hand - the wather wasn't so good so I discussed wiht Richard my planned wardrobe choice and he pulled a sour face over my choic eof dress and said that he preffered others of mine as that one was a bit frumpy. I was not pleased - this damming fashion endictment coming from he of zip up cardigan for work day fame. So anyway I had to rethinkmywardrobe ont he hoof and opted ffor the black and white tie back dress that I got from Next and wore to Shenda's fortieth - secretly hoping that no one who had attended that party apart from the Notley clan would be at today's event. Fortunately that was pretty much the case.

Richard's Dad drove over to Marlow with us and have decided that now want to live in that part of the world as is very nice. We had afternoon tea and then a river boat ride up stream on the Thames and then drinks reception on the terrace before a fanstastic sit down meal folowed by dancing to a brilliant live jazz band until 11.30pm. Lots os family on the Delahoy side were there and a great evening was had by all. Mark - swishy- was quite the little mover on the dance floor, at one point doing a duet with adance instructor no less to Gloria Gaynor's "I will Survive". You can't get much swishier than that to be sure!! He is going to be a little star one day and you heard it hear first.

#11: 11/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Saturday 12th May 2007 at 01:22 AM

Friday. So busy today at work that I ran out of time to get everything done. Friday is definately the busiest day in a recruitment office. I used to miss all this when I didn't work Fridays last year.

Made busier by the fact that I had to also fit in another Doctor's appointment in the morning and a trip to the Vet to take Hazy for his injections after wprk plus a visit to Sainsbury to get some vits and pieces for the week, my main shop this week comign by Ocado home delivery tomorrow.

Ugly Betty tonight was an absolute classic. Focusing this evening on Mark - Wilhelmina's overly camp assistant. It was brilliant and we have a new adjective to describe Mark and Justin's brand of campness - swishy!! We love it!

#10: 10/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Friday 11th May 2007 at 09:00 AM

Thursday. A successful day. Looks like we have found a new administrator for the Redhill office. Fingers cross. She was offered the job on the spot and hopefully she will accept formally on Friday and start in about 2 weeks time.

Other good thing today - I went into M&S and found and snapped up a brilliant linen suit, black, washable for just £50. The trousers looked great and were very comfortable and the jacket was a good fit too although as ever I got it in a slightly bigger size so that I can fit a jumper underneath and I can stretch my arms comfortably. Bargain and I bought a short sleeve black and white crinkle blouse too because it looked nice the rest. Redhill M&S normally the bastion of frump who woudl have thought. It was tucked away at the back not well displayed at all. Nothing ever is in Redhill M&S. It is all acryllic jumpers and elasticated skirts in size 22 - portly old lady chic so I am quite pleased with myself, Now to tell Richard...

Hustle was good tonight. Love the series. Still miss Adrian Lester though. Hope he comes back at some stage. They keep refering to him so we could be lucky.

#9: 9/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Wednesday 9th May 2007 at 11:52 PM

Went to the doctor's this afternoon about my bad back ache and now have some strong painkillers thank goodness. Hoepfully will start to feel a bit better soon. It is spinal/nbone/muscular and not kidneys - but have to go back on Friday to have an internal and have to drop in various urine samples too. Oh joy.

Watched Adam go out on the Apprentice tonight. Katie the Horse is still in. Currently liking Christina and of the guys Simon. It is too close to call still and can't say that anyone is particularily pleasant.

Have discovered tonight that the window fitters have left a bad scratch on our bath. Not good we will have to see if it can be repaired some how by being re-enamelled.

Off to Redhill tomorrow to interview Office Administrators. Should be fun. I hope that we get someone good.

#8: 8/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Tuesday 8th May 2007 at 11:01 PM

No time or inclination to go into too much detail today or tonight. Went back to work after the bank holdiay and now have severe and debilitatiing back ache so plan to go and see the doctor at some point tomorrow as am finding it hard to bend down and to get in and out of chairs and in and out of bed. Agony with a capital A.

#7: 7/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Monday 7th May 2007 at 09:05 PM

Bank Holiday Monday. Day off work hurray! Nind you I spent a large amount of time assisting Mark with his St John's Project for his geography homework. Am now master editor and reviewer. It does look good even though I do say so myself and hopefully he will get the Level 6 that he is striving for apparently. Watch this space.

I woke up with chronic back ache again this morning. Something is a miss. This is the second time in two weeks that this has happened. Richard tried rubbing ibuproben ointment on my back yesteday night but it is spinal and not muscular in my oppinion. Like something internal is pressing on the base of my spine from the inside if that is possible. Wonder if this links in with the constantly full baldder feeling I am also experiencing. Might have to go to the doctor at some point to get myself checked out.

#6: 6/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Sunday 6th May 2007 at 10:40 PM

Very pleased with the new windows. They look great. Also very pleased with the new kitten. One week into his new life with us and he seems to have settled in very well indeed. Lazy Hazy Sunday it was. A typical Bank holiday weekend - weather not quite fulfilling the promises of the earlier forecasts of the week. It is cooler just now and cloudier and I think by the end of the day we were even treated to a little rain. Richard re-stained the garden furniture and I got all the towels and bed linen washed today and prepared a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and very good it was too!

Aided and abetted Mark with his "St John's Project" Geography homework. more to come on that tomorrow - painful, very but we are getting there.

Big news of the day Chelsea lost the Premiership this afternoon when they failed to beat Arsenal - only drawing so Man U are victorious. I hope Sir Alex chokes on his chewing gum. Can't stand him and can't stand them. It was a triumph of pestilence over style this year to be sure. Chelsea will be back and I hope Jose too. Hopefully they can win the FA Cup.

Big news of the night - Nicholas Sarkozy is the new President of France. He beat the effluent Segolene Royal. There is some justice in the world after all. The Beast triumphing over Beauty as it were and then some.

Bank holiday tomorrow. Lie in. Bliss. Rain too I shouldn't wonder. Still no sign of leaves on my acer. Very sad. Very sad indeed.

#5: 5/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Saturday 5th May 2007 at 11:30 PM

Saturday. And it was a lazy day. I got my washing done and popped to Sainsbury's for a few bits and that was about all. I watched "Any Dream Will Do" again tonight. and that was my Saturday. Short and sweet. Hazy was a cutsy again but then isn't he always.

#4: 4/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Saturday 5th May 2007 at 12:25 AM

Last day of Period 11 at work and another busy, busy Friday. I have two interviews set up now for the Office Administrator vacancy in Redhill so I just hope that something will come of one of them at the very least.

Adam wasn't well today - bad head ache first thing this morning. I have to admit that I was far from sympathetic. Mummy from hell more like. I thought he was faking it for a day off school but I think in the end he was genuinely ill. Even so he had all internet access removed fro the entire day and I told him to go into school once his paracetamol took effect. He didn't and in fact had to have another one later in the day but by the time that home time came he was fighting with Mark and back to his usual tricks. I had to come straight home after work instead of going for a drink with the others because I was worried about what state either of them would be in if I left them together any longer.

I am still crazy about Hazy and he is becoming more adventurous and occasionally disappears off on his own - usually to steel some sleep on my bed.. It will be his last dose of antibiotics today. He certainly seems in a much healthier state now. Pictures on the website coming soon...

#3: 3/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Thursday 3rd May 2007 at 11:51 PM

Well the good news is that I took little Hazy back to the vets tonight and he is doing very well now. His eyes are still a little red but he is in a much better state now and there was nothing wrong with his stomach. mind you he had been starved all day so he was very hingry when we got back and he was even tempted to eat his Hills Science Plan kitten food.

We are now a house with a blue door! All the remainign windows were fitted today and it looks briliant so I am very pleased with the results. The only issue now is that we haven't been given a door knocker or spy hole like we were expecting so we will have to query this. I understood that these fittings were Imeant to be as standard - but they weren't. I wonder what they will be able to do about it. Watch this space.

Voted in the local elections tonight. Results should be in tomorrow morning. Hope the country is painted blue by morning!

#2: 2/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 at 11:47 PM

I am exhausted at the end of today. Another day of travel this time to sunny Redhill. Boiling in the office. My midday interviewee did not turn up and it was probably just as well because it was like an oven. Sensibly as it turned out I didn't take a coat with me today and I am very glad about this because it would have been quite superfluous to requirements.

Exciting thing about today apart from Hazy who continues to delight and absorb us all with his antics is that we half have new windows now!! The installation is half way through and will be finsihed tomorrow. The new windows look great and they have don a superb job of fititgn them. Only one problem so far - the laundry room window was made the wrong size by the factory so will have to be re done. They have put in the new one for now but it is too small fractionally so they will have to come back at a later date and re-fit the new one. They do look good and should last us for years now and there will be no worry about having to paint them. Tomorrow we will get the downstairs ones done and our new front door so I am very excited. The blue door beckons and today is the last day of the guffy brown door. I can't wait.

#1: 1/5/2007   
Posted by Laura on Tuesday 1st May 2007 at 11:08 PM

May day. May day. The year one third the way through to all intents and purposes.

Little Hazy continues to inspire and delight. He has been subjected to 2 doses of anitbiotics today and one dose of worming paste and it will be more of the same again tomorrow. He does look brighter I have to say. His eyes seem much much better. I didn't have to try the tea treatment today. I think his little cold/flu bout is passing thanks to the antibiotics. His tummy is still very swollen and hard and he hasn't eaten much of his kitty food so far but we will persevere. He has been drinking a lot of water and I did observe him having a wee so hopefully he is on the mend. Poor little thng, I hated seeing him so helpless and ill. I was quite upset yesterday when I got back from the vet. I hope it will be better news on Thursday.

Today I went to Southampton for the day and saw the new offices there. Very nice they are. Same furnishings as Kingston. Lucky people but Barney did indicate that Woking would be next - he has seen the plans. hopefully our refurb will happen in the new financial year which starts in July. We shall see...

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