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Christmas with Debbie & Bill  
Posted by Richard on Thursday 4th January 2007 at 10:42 PM

From Montreal we caught the train to Ottawa, arriving in the midst of a freezing-rain storm. Accomodation Chez D&B may not have had the views of the New Yorker, nor the pretence of the Queen Elizabeth, but Laura and I had a room to ourselves, and the kids had a PlayStation! Oh, and of course Debbie and Bill made us very welcome!

Christmas was great fun, with plenty of great food and even more great wine! The only let-down was the lack of brussel sprouts! ;-)

We dressed up warm after lunch and headed for Mer Bleue, a few miles east of Ottawa, to blow away the cobwebs. Mark was convinced the thin ice would hold his weight; at times it was tempting to let him find out ...


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