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Planes, Pains And Automobiles  
Posted by Richard on Tuesday 15th February 2005 at 12:20 AM

Alas, these pages would not be complete without a run-down of a few things that didn't go quite to plan ...
  • Missed channel ferry on drive to Paris.
  • Plane to Cotonou delayed by three hours - high winds.
  • An hour into flight, plane turned backed to Charles de Gaulle - funny smell! (This turned out to be rotting feed for a crate-full of chicks in the hold!)
  • Eventually, after a night in Paris, arrived in Cotonou 20 hours late.
  • Puncture on Paul's 4x4 on the trip to Lome. (With a flat spare as well this ended up costing Paul a full set of new tyres!)
  • Richard spends Christmas day in the smallest room - something to do with the snails at Les Trois Mousquetaires?
  • Mark picks up an ear infection and spends the last few days with his head above water.

And to cap it all, some git nicked the wheels off of our car, while parked outside Liz's house in Paris! Six weeks later, and the car has been released from the police pound. Maybe we'll see it again soon!


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