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Les Sables d'Olonne et la Côte Sauvage  
Posted by Richard on Saturday 5th October 2002 at 11:02 PM

From Miélan, we headed for Les Sables d'Olonne in the Vendee (down from Britanny; up from Bordeaux). The beach was a stone's throw from our campsite at La Dune des Sables, but this length of coast, along the La Chaum peninsular, is known as 'la côte sauvage' (the wild coast) - the body boarding was certainly harder work than last year!

The 'inclement' weather spurred us into action: cycling (my birthday treat - thanks, Adam!), canoeing, crazy-golfing, and so on. Tolkein fans may well understand the 'Bilbo' references: for a while, in The Hobbit, Bilbo was seen as extra baggage to be carried on the adventure!


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