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Chichen Itza  
Posted by Richard on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 09:39 PM

This trip was top of the to-do list for our holiday in Mexico: the World Heritage Site of Chichen Itza, a Mayan city that dates back to the fifth century. The site is massive. El Castillo dominates, but there are so many other temples and platforms still standing. Totally awesome.

On the way back, we stopped at Cenote Ik Kil. Apparently the whole peninsular is riddled with these sinkholes, so careful where you step. The water is 26 m below ground level at Ik Kil. They wouldn't let me dive in from the top, but I did take the steps down for a very refreshing dip.

The day ended back at the hotel, with 'The Mexican Beatles meet Billy Smart's Circus'. Great fun.


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