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Day 1: Soajo to Lindoso  
Posted by Richard on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 09:30 PM

Day 1: 8.9 miles. A gentle start to the walk, following paths along the river before climbing to Lindoso. There was plenty of evidence of the recent fires that have devastated parts of the forest here, but it was remarkable to see how quickly the first shoots of new life are returning.

We were enjoying our first beer by half past two, so we had plenty of time to explore the castle in Lindoso. Also, a good chance to see some espigueiros (the stone granaries) close up - they're a real feature of this region. Our accommodation for the night was the beautiful Casa da Fonte de Tornada.

There were only two restaurants in the village. Peter and I took the longish walk to check on our 'preferred' option, but found it was closed for the week. So, at about 7:30 we all headed out to the more local Restaurante São Martinho. For a horrible few moments, thanks to our linguistic short-comings, we thought we were going to be out of luck here too. Thankfully the restaurant opened at 8pm. Bacalhau anyone?


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