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Day 3: Varzi to Capanne di Cosola  
Posted by Richard on Tuesday 31st May 2016 at 05:48 PM

Day 3: 15.2 miles. This was supposed to be *the* killer day. It turned out to just be *a* killer day! We spent most of the day climbing, up from the river valley, over 1100m to the high ridge we'd follow for the next three days.

Peter and Rachel still had enough energy towards the end, to 'bag' Monte Chiappo (1700m). Laura and I only just beat them to the hotel.

Albergo Capanne di Cosola was quite an experience. The accommodation may have been in a little need of some TLC, but the meal was incredible. We quite honestly lost count of the courses. Laura turned in before the main course had even arrived, and only Peter got as far as the cheese!


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