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Day 6: Poboleda to La Vilella Baixa  
Posted by Richard on Tuesday 24th May 2016 at 09:51 PM

Day 6: 11.3 miles. We had a really tough decision to make on day 6. Should we continue on to La Vilella Baixa as planned, or should we stay and enjoy the wine harvest festival in Poboleda and get a taxi to LVB later! Well, our conscience got the better of us, and we left the merriment behind us. ;-)

We didn't have to cover as much distance as some days (even with our detour to the Ermita de la Consolacio), and the terrain wasn't as tough, but this was probably the hardest day of the walk. The sun was beating down on us from start to finish, and there was hardly a patch of shade to be found. Very hard going, and we actually ran out of water.

Having refuelled at the local bar on our arrival in La Vilella Baixa, we found our splendid Art Deco accommodation at the Casa del Pont. The home-cooked meal was eaten with our hostess, Pilar - lack of a common language was no barrier to a fine evening.


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