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Medway Canoe Trail (July 2014)  
Posted by Richard on Thursday 7th August 2014 at 11:59 AM

Had a great day out with Richie (RichieCactus), Peter (SomersetCache), Ian (Woking Wonders), PaulS (smudge42), PaulG (Number six), Andy (Amberel) and Roderick (sandvika) canoeing on the Medway.

We managed about half of the Medway Canoe Trail, from Tonbridge to Yalding - finding 27 caches along the way.

We were back for the second leg, from Yalding to Maidstone, at the end of August. Unfortunately Richie couldn't make it but Woody (hofficoffi) took his place. Another great day out, and another 34 caches!


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