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Sailing Rings (September 2013)  
Posted by Richard on Wednesday 25th September 2013 at 12:44 AM

The Olympic 2012 Sailing Rings is a series of 59 puzzle caches and bonuses in and around Weymouth in Dorset. Andy (=Andy_R), Mike (mashworth) and I had hoped to complete the series in one day last year. Given the geographical spread of the final locations, that was a little optimistic. With a 3 hour drive at either end and the limited hours of daylight in October, it was never going to happen - even without the mechanical failures!

We'd been talking about the return trip ever since, and we'd even pencilled in a date for November to finish the job. Then, with only just enough time to fast-track day-passes, we got to hear about the imminent archival of the series. We only had 13 of the Sailing Rings caches to go, so to 'make a day of it' we targeted a few more puzzles and challenges around Weymouth and on to Poole. By the end of the day we'd found 36 caches, including a couple of tree climbs and a night cache to finish us off (almost literally).


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