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Camino Day 4: San Paio de Buscás to Marantes  
Posted by Richard on Thursday 8th August 2013 at 11:08 PM

Camino Day 4: 16.1 miles. Another start in the rain, but fortunately the weather improved as the day progressed. A bit more pavement pounding at the start, but a lovely stretch through the forest towards Sigüeiro later. (Navigation was simple here - we walked in a dead-straight line for 4 miles).

Our hotel was quite a way beyond Sigüeiro, so we decided to have our main meal at lunchtime. The town didn't seem too lively at this time of day, but Peter eventually got a recommendation from someone he accosted in the street, and we headed off to La Cabaña grill. Transcript of conversation with waiter (translated from the original Galicio-Spanglish): "Menu?", "No menu. Meat". The plate was more than enough for the four of us. Another arrived soon after!

Our hotel, Hotel San Vicente was a little run down, but the owner could teach lessons in customer service to a lot of his countrymen. By this stage, we were getting pretty good at holding conversations over Google-translate!


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