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Camino Day 1: Ferrol to Pontedeume  
Posted by Richard on Thursday 8th August 2013 at 11:07 PM

Camino Day 1: 19.2 miles. We'd completed the first mile of our Camino the previous day, but this was still a long day's walk. As the crow flies, Pontedeume is only about 6 miles from Ferrol, but we had to walk right around the Ria de Ferrol inlet. The weather wasn't too bad, and although some of the scenery was a bit industrial, it was pretty interesting.

I'd not been particularly looking forward to our stay in Hotel Apartamentos Sarga, just short of Pontedeume - the Trip Advisor reviews didn't paint a pretty picture and, before the trip, I couldn't even find its website. It turned out to be OK, though bearing in mind the hotel had 80 rooms, I think we made up half of their guests.

We went into Pontedeume for the evening. The meal was "memorable", and the first evidence that our excellent Spanish just wasn't going to cut it in Galicia! Got a bit wet on the way back to the hotel. :-(


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