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The False Corpse (August 2011)  
Posted by Richard on Wednesday 15th August 2012 at 01:20 AM

The WC's took their production of The False Corpse to the Edinburgh Fringe in August 2011, performing five shows at Sweet Grassmarket.

Written by Robyn: "The False Corpse, written by actor and writer Shaun Prendergast, is the story of a twisted comedian wanting to commit suicide during his act, and his reluctant troupe who try to save him, with the help of a notable doctor. We wanted the show to have a Tim Burton-esque feel, and, of course, be comical.

"The cast was small but created a mysterious, dark atmosphere. Harry Bennett, playing Dan the madman, almost lost his voice and brought passion and desperation to the character. The doctor, his calm rational opposite, played by Alex Martin, racked up the tension as he tried to stop the comedian from eternal damnation. Rhys Wilson, with his natural flair for comedy, had the audience laughing at his one liners and physical comedy. Emma Harding played drunken, unhygienic Polly, and her ideas for the character, down to the facial expressions, were very impressive. I played Ginny, the small but enthusiastic assistant to Dan, learning the rules of comedy and performing along with her idol in comedy.

"Our backstage crew, Mark Notley and Sophie Alvis, made sure everything went smoothly and our lighting expert Joe Shepherd added a touch of professionalism. The talented musicians, Kalvind Vadi, Abi Brewster and Mr Jolly added to the theatrical and professional atmosphere.

"We were incredibly proud of our show and the interest it created, and enjoyed adding our personality to the show and the characters, bringing it alive with enthusiasm and passion."

The publicity photos were taken by Mindy Coe.


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